SBAA Scholarship & Grant Program


The Association awards one graduate of the SBCSC high schools a $4000 scholarship annually.  This scholarship is paid in four $1000 payments over a four year period, providing the student maintains satisfactory grades in his/her school of higher learning.  Initial screening is done in the high school and a minimum of three candidates are recommended to the Scholarship Committee.  Recipients are selected by the committee with approval by the Superintendent of Schools.

We encourage graduates, families and friends of education to support the Association’s Plan2000 scholarship endowment.


The scholarships are endowed by a specific donor or fund. A donor may specify the amount of the grant and the requirements for candidates to be considered.  Requirements may include academic standing, an area of study and/or a specific  high school. Anyone interested in funding this type of scholarship should contact the Alumni Association.  

Currently the Alumni Association administers the  Joseph S. Fragomeni, Sr., William & Kathryn Shields and Lauren Davis Scholarships and also funds three $1000  Endowed Scholarships awarded in the name of Alumni Association members to all students who are related to active SBCSC graduates and Associate members of the Alumni Association.


2nd Chance Awards for active college students who are SBCSC graduates and/or recipients of an Endowed, Fragomeni, Davis or Shields scholarship.

Active Student Grants one time grants given to SBCSC graduates who are on schedule to graduate from college who are in need of financial assistance.

Both Awards are funded by the Kurt & Tessye Simon Student Assistance Fund.

Apply for these awards/grants by writing a hard copy letter expressing your need and a support letter from a financial officer at your school. Send letters to the South Bend Alumni Assn.

Immediate family members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors are not eligible for these Scholarships
Many organizations, trusts, foundations, individuals, etc.  make scholastic scholarship awards to graduating high school seniors. You might be amazed to know exactly how many. Most often the money is needed; at times the grants simply supplement a large cache of money or add to the scholarship fund of an institution.
Generally, the people and companies that award their own scholarships, or contribute to organizations that award scholarships, receive tax considerations. In many cases publicity is given to the donors, and rightfully so. Scholarships are ‘attention getters,’ and most of us can relate to scholarships. We believe recipients are being helped, and high-achieving students are being rewarded for their classroom performance. We, therefore, know exactly what we gave and who benefits, which makes us feel good about our contribution.
We have awarded our scholarships in the name of the Superintendent of Schools to graduating seniors based on teacher/staff recommendations, academic performance, activities participation and school/community services. In 2005 the Alumni Association went a step beyond that. We assist students who may not have outstanding grades or scores and may not be connected to some organization or have an advocate helping them to achieve their educational goals. We are addressing all students who have been accepted to an institution of higher learning, are willing to work hard, have an educational goal, have begun a history of service and are in need of financial help. To meet that objective we added an Alumni Endowed Scholarship, which is a one-time grant to a qualifying student, and the Active Student Grants, underwritten by the Kurt & Tessye Simon Student Assistance Fund. These are one-time grants awarded to active college students who have little or no financial assistance and are on schedule to graduate. We believe we are filling a void by addressing a group of students who can easily be overlooked. Our belief is that there are many “late bloomers” who find more classroom motivation as they mature.
The Scholarship Program presently consists of four Superintendent’s Scholarships, three Alumni Endowed Scholarships, a Joseph S. Fragomeni Sr. Scholarship,  a Lauren Davis Scholarship, a Kathryn and William Shields Scholarship and the Kurt and Tessye Simon Grants. Also, 2nd Chance Grants are available for past recipients of the Endowed, Fragomeni and Davis Scholarships who still need help with expenses. All assistance is financially supported by the Plan2000 fund, and we welcome contributions to that fund – large and small. We hope you agree with our philosophy and it will stimulate your interest, leading to your support. The deadline for scholarship applications, including supporting materials, is April 14, 2014.  
Contributors should know that only a very small percent of the Association’s funds are spent on operating costs annually.  The board is a volunteer board, and there are no fancy annual meeting locations, meals or freebies.
Anyone interested in funding an endowed scholarship should contact the Alumni Association.
Gift Annuities are available at very good rates of return…”Check us out”.

Click below to Download 2014 Application Forms


Click Here to Download the “Determining Financial Need Form” – required for all Applications except the Simon Grants.

Some of the gifts/grants/loans given:

Gloves and Scarves Donations
ScholarshipsSuperintendents $16,000 annual
Simon Grants $ pool annual
Endowed $3000 annual
Fragomeni $1000 annual
2nd Chance Grants $ pool annua
Walnut Grove School House Project
State Finalists Shirts
LaSalle Band Uniforms
Repair of Instruments Project-2nd Fiddle
High School Quiz Bowl
John Adams Mock Trial
John Adams Soccer Team
All School athletic subsidies
Joseph Boland Citizenship Awards
Physical Fitness Awards
School Field Complex Remodeling
YMCA Youth Services
Young Authors
Annual Celebration of Academic Excellence
Washington High Equipment needs
Fine Arts & Music Department Contributions
Indiana Football Hall of Fame
Summer Recreation Programs
Italian American Scholarships
Gifted and Talented support
South Bend Community Hall of Fame
School Spirit Programs
People to People Program
Book donatons/schools & Homeless Center
Individual grants for self improvement
High School Yearbook grants
Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame
Distinguished Service Award
Distinguished Achievement Award
Ideal Baldoni Public Service Award
Corporate Award for Support of Education
Local Civic Unit Booklets*
Riley High School Pool Project
Riley Andy Nemeth Golf Tournament
‘Take Ten’ program
Monthly Lunch Club
Bethel College Music Department
Clay High School Band


2013 Scholarship & Grant Recipients

TCU-Superintendent’s Scholarships
Scholarships are worth $4,000 over four years

Myles Bolden Myles Bolden, of Adams High School, has enrolled at Butler University to study elementary education. He is the son of Maxie and Constance Bolden of South Bend.  




 Malcolm Cannon, of Clay High School, will attend IUPUI to study mechanical engineering. He is the son of Darlisa White of South Bend and Pierre Cannon of Gary.  
Kathleen Price Kathleen Price, of Riley High School, will attend East Carolina University with a goal of becoming a nurse-practitioner in neonatology. She is the daughter of Allen Price and Frances Price, both of South Bend.   Nicole Figueroa Nicole Figueroa, of Washington High School, will pursue a pre-med course of study at IUSB. She is the daughter of Gus and Kelly Figueroa of South Bend.  

Lauren S. Davis Scholarship

Joseph Fragomeni Sr. Scholarship

Melissa Konter Melissa Konter, of Washington High School, received the $1,000 Lauren Davis Scholarship to attend Ball State University. She is the daughter of William and Andrea Konter of South Bend. Elizabeth Arndt  Elizabeth Arndt, of Clay High School, received the $1,000 Joseph Fragomeni Sr. Scholarship to pursue a degree at Purdue University. She is  the daugther of John and Karen Arndt of South Bend.
Endowed Scholarships, $1,000 each
Andrew Gnott Andrew Gnott, of Edwardsburg High School, has enrolled at the University of Notre Dame to study computer science in the School of Engineering. He is the son of Edward and Lori Gnott of Edwardsburg. Emily Lyon Emily Lyon, of St. Joseph High School, plans to major in international affairs and peace studies at Indiana University. She is the daughter of Mark and Christine Lyon of South Bend.
Kathryn and William Shields Scholarship  Toria Sullivan  Toria Sullivan, of Clay High School, received a $1,000 scholarship to study at the College of Health Sciences at Marquette University. She is the daughter of Philip and Christine Sullivan of South Bend.  

 Jacob Freske

Second Chance Grant

Jacob Freske received a $1,000 grant to continue his studies at IUSB. He is the son of Robert and Julian Freske of South Bend. He is a graduate of Adams High School.

Second Chance Grant

David Shafer, a student at Indiana State University, received a $1,000 grant. He is studying construction management at Indiana State University. He is a graduate of Marian High School.





Past Scholarship and Grant Recipients
2012: Bethany Green, Adams High School; Emil Talic, Clay High School; Sarah Mee, Riley High School; Kipchumba Kibet, Washington High School. Endowed: Monica Chan, Washington, and Jacob Freske, Adams.  Lauren Davis Scholarship: Courtney Netzer, Clay; Joseph Fragomeni Sr. Scholarship: Chrishana Stoner, Adams. Second Chance Grant: David Shafer, Indiana State University. Kurt & Tessye Simon Grant: Cody Schell, Manchester College.  
 2011: Nora T. Mansfield, Adams High School; Bridget C. Hickey, Clay High School; Lauren M. James, Riley High School; Stacey M. Hogan, Washington High School. Endowed: Nicholas A. Pellegrino, St. Joseph; David J. Shafer, Marian. Lauren Davis Scholarship: Sidney A. Staples, Clay. Joseph Fragomeni Sr. Scholarship: Adam Baumgartner, Adams. Simon Grants: Christpher Burke, Clay; Alyssa Dunn, Riley; Cody Schell, Clay; Allison Shafer, Riley.
2010: Samantha K. Marley, Adams; Anna E. Sobieski, Clay; Kristina M. Patzkowsky, Riley; Charnelle N. Maefield-Martin, Washington. Simon Grants: Rikki L. Cecrle, Clay; Cody W. Schell, Clay. Second Chance Grants: Katelyn Drudge, William Freske, Allison Shafer.
2009:  Hollin Bolden, Adams; Jasmine Allen, Riley; Stephanie Firehammer, Clay; Jashay Johnson-Martin, Washington. Endowed: Katelyn Drudge, Penn; Daniel Horvath, Riley; William Freske, Adams. Fragomeni: James Hudson Jr., Adams. Simon Grants: Rikki Cecrle, Clay; Kaitlin Armentrout; Riley; Beth LaFree, Riley; Donna Chamblee, LaSalle; Anne LaFree, Riley. Second Chance:Matt Mackowiak, Washington; Stephanie Orlowski, Washington; Emily Haller, Adams; Ryan Orlowski, Washington; Allison Shafer, Riley.
2008: Anna L. Otero-Torres, Adams; Joshua A. Lukas, Clay; Gabrielle S. Dutrieux, Riley; Blanca N. Alvarado, Washington. Endowed: Allison Shafer, Riley; Matthew Mackowiak, Washington; Stephanie Orlowski, Washington. Simon Grant: Cody DeShone, Riley; Laura Fitzgerald, Adams. 
2007: Alyssa Dunn, Riley; Madeline Haller, Adams; Andrew Ewald, Washington; Evan Youngquist, Clay. Endowed: Ryan Orlowski, Washington; Ashley Timm, Clay. Frangomeni: Kimberly Manigault, Riley. Simon Grant: Dan Seitz, Clay.
 2006: Delphine Keza, Adams; Alida J. Marroni, Clay; Adam R. Huff, Washington; Rene Alonso, Riley. Fragomeni: Michael Padberg, Riley. Endowed: Emily Haller, Adams; Jean Paul Jaume, Adams; Cameron McMichael, John Glenn. Simon Grants: Amy Marsh, Adams; Christy Kollar, Clay. 
2005: Rachel Marley, Adams; Laura Schalliol, Clay; Thy Ca Nguyen, Riley; Marteve Gray, Washington.  
2004: Donald Perkins III, Adams; Rachel Ford, Clay; Danilo Rodriguez, Riley; Lorraine Chan, Washington.
2003: Kimberly Ballin, Clay; Melanie Duncan, Adams; Brandon Patton, Riley; Anthony Glenn, Washington.
2002: Kevin Alby, Adams; Lindsey Carl, Clay; Elyse Chudzynski, Riley; Matthew Ciesielski, Washington; Margaet O’Sullivan, LaSalle.
2001: Alice Dymally, Washington, and Craig Ziolkowski, Washington.
2000: Jennifer Brison, LaSalle, and Amanda Myers, Riley.
1999: Aprell Carr, Washington, and Bryan Ziolkowski, Washington.
1998: Chandra Najdek, LaSalle, and Eric Fey, Riley.
1997: Mary Wisnewski, Riley, and Derek Dabrowiak, Washington.
1996: Kimberly Gruber, Washington, and Martin Owens, Washington.
1995: Traci Borkowski, LaSalle, and Jason Whitmer, Washington.
1994: Genevieve C. Morrill, Clay.

Notice to Scholarship/Grant Recipients

Scholarship/grant recipients must request payment of their scholarship/grant by contacting the South Bend Alumni Association. You must report your legal name, student ID number and the name and address of the person or office that will receive the check. Recipients of four year grants must renew this grant each school year by contacting the Alumni Association. You can make your renewal request after you have enrolled for the ensuing school year.
Please visit our Alumnews web page for photos and more information on our scholarship recipients.